Friday, September 7, 2012

New AMAZON review

A fresh and fantastic story that is not afraid to break the mold and stand alone. KA has created a new bench mark for Author's of the vampire lore to strive for. I have not enjoyed a vampire story so much since the Brian Lumley Necroscope series.
I love the way the story is so different from almost ever...
y other vampire story out there at the moment. I'm so tired of seeing the same old thing, so congratulations and thank you to KA Hambly for providing us with this much needed and unique story.
You are not just a passanger as you follow Jyrki on his journey, but an eager participant as you get drawn further into the tale.
If you are anything like me, you will read faster and faster with the great pacing until you get to the last page and curse that it finishes.
OK, i would be amiss if i didnt mention (as others have)the few spelling/grammer mistakes. BUT nobody is perfect and it in no way detracts from the amazing story being told. To take stars away for slight errors would be a crime. Rise of the new Bloods is an AMAZING work of fiction by an EXTREMLY talanted author. My review is about the STORY told within the pages, and that story was one of the best Vampire stories I have read.
Need convincing more? Buy it, I guarantee you will not be dissapointed.
I look forward eagerly to part 2.

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